Brahma Sutras – By Swami Sivananda

The entire object of the Brahma Sutras is to re move this erroneous identification of the Soul with the body which is the root cause of your sufferings and miseries, which is the product of Avidya (ignorance) and help you in the attainment of the final emancipation through knowledge of Brahman’.

‘Swamiji has left nothing unsaid that may be useful to the student of the Brahma Sutras, and in addition has given use full information which will not be found in other notes and commentaries. The division of each Pada into the relevant Adhikaranas marking at the same time the number of Sutras they contain, the subject matter they treat of, and the accompaniment of each Sutra by the serial number from the very beginning is for the use and guidance of the student. An elab o -rate introduction pre cedes the work in addition to a short introduction and a summary of the different Adhikaranas preceding each Pada’.

‘Sutras are concise aphorisms. They give the essence of the arguments on a topic. Maximum of thought is com pressed or condensed into these Sutras in as few words as possible.’


By Swami  Sivananda


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