Nitya Yoga

Written by Vanamali Devi


This book is dedicated to the memory of my beloved brother UNNI, who died of cancer. The talks were given while he resided at our ashram. His inspiring presence and constant encouragement alone made the venture possible. He was Arjuna incarnate, the mighty warrior and hero of many battles in his life, as an air force pilot. At that time he was facing the last and most tremendous battle the battle for his own life. The indomitable will and stupendous courage with which he confronted this disease was a source of wonder and encouragement to all who were fortunate to be with him.

Inscrutable are the ways of God. The cosmic purpose is simple and single-pointed. It aims at the total annihilation of the individual ego in order to attain unity with the Supreme. Through the intricate web and often, bizarre design of our individual existence, this purpose is steadfastly adhered to, even though we may not be aware of it. Very often before we become the egoless and perfect instrument, we have to pass through a cleansing period of an inner evolution, which has to be brought about by an outer and sometimes physical revolution. We find that the aster the evolution, the more violent the revolution which triggers it. The stab of pain is often more potent than the caress of love, to goad the Jiva towards its goal. The more advance the seeker, the more severe the tests he has to undergo. Fortunate indeed are those who are called upon to participate in the hastening of the cosmic purpose like my brother. The message of the Gita is addressed to such an ardent spiritual seeker of the Supreme goal. The indomitable spirit in the human being which will not let him rest till the final battle is won and the divine status achieved. In this there is only one t


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