Sri Devi Lila

This is one of the most comprehensive and fascinating books on the mystery of the Divine Mother, written in a clear lucid style which can be easily grasped by everyone. Swami Devananda, Rishikesh The Devi is synonymous with Shakti or divine power, that manifests, sustains and transforms the universe into one unified form of existence. Shakti has all the attributes of the Supreme ? Power, knowledge and omniscience. They cannot be separated. They are like fire and heat. Worship of Devi is not sectarian. It is applicable to everyone. Swami Shivananda (Divine Life Society) Rishikesh How do I love thee? Countless are the ways. From the tumultuous locks on thy forehead, To the tips of they lotus feet. Drenched am I in the radiance of thy form. Thy arched brows, they shell-like ears, Thy upper lip of exquisite beauty, The lower one- a treasure trove of desire. Soft and sweet like the petals of a rose. The determined chin, Thy slender neck, Thy golden breasts, The tinkling bells around thy waist, Above all thy doe-like eyes melting with love, Holding my own in thrall. O Queen of Desire-Kameswari, Accept this gift of love, Filled with the wondrous tales of thy glory, Timidly I lay this book, This holy book, At thy golden feet, My humble offering of love. ? Vanamali