Taming The kundalini

It is asleep. It is silent. It has encoiled itself. Its ‘bedroom’ is called Muladhara Cakra. This center is triangular in shape. Its aspect is gross. Its element is Prithivi (earth) Tattva. Tamoguna is its covering. It lies encoiling itself. It is called Kundalini. In Sahasrara Cakra it joins with Shiva. The power then manifests itself. It is like a hidden fire which can only be kindled by the force of spiritual power. As the inner mind becomes concentrated and one-pointed, the power begins to awaken itself. As long as the inner mind remains gross or externalized, it sleeps.It can be awakened by soul force or by will. But this is not the only means. It may be regarded as one of the methods. It can be awakened by Hatha Yoga, but neither is that the only method. You can call it one form of scientific method. It can also be awakened by practicing Samyama on the centers and realizing in experience their colour, elements, nature, Guna and the Bija. Nor is this the only method; you may just call it a good method.


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