Chakra Meditation Cushion

Our meditation cushions ( Zafu) helps you to create easy meditation space in the studio’s or at home, or any place of practice. These cushion, helps to keep your spine properly aligned .We have a three different sizes of cushion, for your comfort to suit your needs
30(D) x 15 (H)cms
36(D) x 15 (H)cms
38(D) x 15 (H)cms

Round patterned zafu meditation cushion with design pattern of the seven chakra’s representing the seven chakras in human body,filled with buckwheat perfect for Zen meditation and give you ultimate support letting you concentrate on your mindful practice in peace.

Also Please have look for Crescent , half Moon and bolsters shaped props that suit your needs.

Please note colours may vary from images shown as we cannot guarantee colour representation on computers and devices


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